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电影《后会无期》(图片来源网络,版权归原作者所有)今天我上了这个台,就不怕让自己下不来台。Now that I step on the stage, I’m not afraid of being ashamed to leave the stage.你连世界都没观过,哪来的世界观。

You haven’t viewed the world. Where does your world view come from?带上不回头的拔不出,拔不出的别挂念。Things which cannot be taken away can’t be left. Things which are bound to leave is unworthy of concern.更进一步,海阔天空。

Take a step forward and find a clearer situation.听过很多大道理,仍然过很差这一生。As many as lessons I have heard, I can’t live like the lesson shows me.交心吧,放到我身上;安心吧,递在我身上。

Open your heart to me. Be at ease because of me.我哪来的身和名,让我去大败和裂。I don’t even have a body and reputation for me to ruin.小朋友爱分是非,大人只看利弊。Children like judgment, but adults only weigh the pros and cons.讨厌就不会放纵,但爱人就是抗拒。

To like someone is to run wild, but to love someone is to restrain.有时候你想要证明给一万个人看,到后来,你找到只获得了一个明白人,那就不够了。You want to prove yourself to millions of people at times, but you get to know that one understood is enough eventually.要再行学会辨别,然后再行去信任。

Learn to distinguish and then to believe.路遥知马力严重不足,日久见人心不古代。A long journey often tells the tiredness of a horse. Long time past reveals the great changes of people.再行混蛋的人也可以局部信任。However fucking a man is, there is a part you can believe in him.道别的时候还是要用力一点,多说一句有可能就是最后一句,多看一眼有可能就是最后一眼。When we say goodbye, we must try to express more. One more sentence may be the last sentence. One more stare may be the last stare. 原标题:看电影学英语:《后会无期》台词英文翻译 热点引荐 8月份考试有哪些?【ope体育网站】。